The trendiest carrier bag of the moment, the shop-in-bag! Everybody knows the feeling: you go to shopping but you forgot to bring your carrier bag. With this shop-in-bag, this problem is solved. Your customer can carry this bag easily at all times and therefor the logo which is no it will be seen several times.


MODEL:2 stitched non-woven handles and an extra pocket and press-button for folding the bag until a small package

MATERIAL:100 grs. non-woven (available in 25 standard colors)

CAPACITY:Approximately 8 kilograms

PRINTING METHOD:Silk screen printing



These non-woven shop-in-bag is the most popular product of the moment. These bags can be folded into a small package which can be taken anywhere easily. Because they are so easy to take with you, your customers don’t have to buy a carrier bag while shopping. They can be printed by screen print in any pantone color on several positions. The non-woven material is available in 25 trendy colors. When ordering a larger quantity, we can dye the material in your own PMS-color. These non-woven shop-in-bags are available printed and unprinted from stock. With a delivery time of 11 – 13 weeks, we can produce them custom-made in any size and with every type of finishing.


These bags are printed in screen print and thanks to this technic, we can print the bag in several PMS-colors. The only limitations are that we can’t print fully until the edges, we can’t print in full color and rasters/screens are not possible. In case you want to print a full color design, we can print this by using transfer printing. In case you need these carrier bags in short time we can take them from stock in 7 different colors (white, black, green, pink, red, gray and aqua blue) and print them in our screen printing department. Standard delivery time is 10 working days.


In case you need unprinted carrier bags, we can deliver the non-woven postman bags in white or black directly from stock, starting from 1 box already. Are you curious about our collection? Feel free to check our assortment unprinted non-woven postman bags on our web shop.


Are you looking for unprinted non-woven shop-in-bags? We can deliver them in 7 different colors directly from stock, starting from 1 box already. Are you curious to discover about our collection? The please check our assortment unprinted non-woven shop-in-bags in our web shop.


The cotton or PP drawstrings can be dyed in any Pantone color you need and they can be knotted on 1 or 2 sides of the bag. When knotting them on 1 side, you can carry the bag over the shoulder. When knotting them on 2 sides you create a rucksack which can be carried over both shoulders. For extra comfort feeling, we can use cotton tapes instead of cotton or PP strings.


These rucksacks are finished with metal eyelets in the corners to make sure the drawstrings don’t tear the material. As an option, we can offer a strip of reflective material which is stitched on the bag to make you extra visible in the dark. Safety first!