The PP Shoulder bag is a very popular bag and used by many people on daily base. The PP Shoulder bags are made of a very strong material and can be used for many times. That’s why this bag is a perfect promotional way to reach your clients.


MODEL:Nylon Webbing adjustable shoulder strap with magic tape

MATERIAL:120, 140, 160 grs. White PP Woven, glossy or matt laminated

CAPACITY:Approximately 8 kilograms

PRINTING METHOD:Screen printing / Copperplate printing




The PP Shoulder bag is often used to go to the gym, shopping, a trip and so on. Because of the very strong material and quality of the bag, the bag can be used for many times. It makes the bag a perfect bag for several uses. Even better with your name on the bag, because you keep making promotion for your company!

Not only the quality is very strong, but the bags are also very luxury. The bags are finished by a piping, for even more body and can be produced in 120, 140 and 160 grs. PP Woven. The adjustable shoulder strap is available in more than 20 different colours. There is always a matching colour! Also the flap has 2 pieces of velcro, so the flap can be closed easily!

The bags can be printed with PMS-colours or with a CMYK printing. The whole outside can be printed and if you want an exclusive bag the inside can be printed as well!

Not luxury enough? We can deliver the bags with a zipper, inside pocket and so on. Please ask us for more information, so we can help you with this!

Do you prefer an environmentally friendly alternative? We can also deliver the bags in RPET material. This is made out of recycled PET bottles. (for around 80%)! You can find more information about this on the product page of the RPET Shoppers.


PP Shoulder bags can be printed by silk printing or by roto printing. With silk printing, the bags can be printed in more PMS-colours and can’t be printed in all over or with screen. You can ask us for the possibilities. Our studio would like to advise and help you!

With roto printing, the bag can be printed in more PMS-colours and in CMYK. The quality of roto printing is amazing and will look very beautiful! A real eye catcher! Even the inside can be printed if wanted.

Do you need the PP Shoppers for an event or exhibition? We have the bags on stock in standard white or black. We can print the bags with our own silk printing machines, and can deliver the bags within 10 working days, and even within 48 hours if needed!


DDo you prefer unprinted PP Shoulder bags? We can deliver the PP Shoulder bags per export box in white and black. Curious to discover more about our collection? Please visit our webshop – unprinted PP Shopper bags.


Very strong material / quality. We can deliver the material standard in 120, 140 and 160 grs. PP woven.


The handles are made of nylon webbing. Then, you don’t hurt your hands while carring the bag. The handles have a standard size of 45 x 2,5 cm. (to carry by hand) or 80 x 2,5 cm. (to carry on your shoulder) The nylon webbing material feels soft and will not cut in to your hands or shoulder. We can deliver the handles in more than 20 different colours.


The shoppers are finished by PP piping. In this way, the bags are even stronger and nicely finished. You can also use for a press-button, bottom inlay, zipper of big eyelets. There are many options to make your bag a real eye catcher