Are you looking for a big, strong and luxurious shopping bag? Then take a look at this bag. The XXL shopping bag is made from a strong material which also gives it a luxurious look. The combination of size, material and look make these bags the perfect promotional product.


MODEL:A bottom fold, zipper closing and stitched carrier handles.

MATERIAL:600D polyester (available in 51 different colours).

CAPACITY:Approximately 9 kilograms

PRINTING METHOD:Screen printing



The XXL shopping bags are made from a strong quality 600D polyester. The material is not just strong but also gives the bags a luxurious look.

The shopping bags have carrying handles which are made from the same material as the bag. The carrying handles are extra long so the bags can be easily carried on the shoulders. The bottom side has an extra wide bottom to give the bag extra volume.

The topside of the bag has a zipper closing to easily close the bags.

The inside of the bags is mad from a strong, but smooth material onto which the 600D material is glued onto. This lining gives the an extra luxurious look and feel to the bag, but simultaneously also protects the products inside.

As an extra the bag can have many extra’s, like an inside pocket for your wallet or phone. Or give the bags an label to the side of the bag for extra marketing value.

The XXL shopping bags are highly suitable for promotional needs, but also to be used in stores to package parka’s or winter jackets in.

Curious about the possibilities? Feel free to contact us or request a free quotation.


Do you want these bags with your own logo? That is possible! We offer u the following two possibilities with matching delivery times:

Custom made production (12-13 weeks),
Fast production (10 working days),
Custom made production (12-13 weeks)
Do you want to have the best price and you do not need the bags at once? Than our custom made production is a suitable solution for you.

A custom made production offers more possibilities than a fast production. For example you can choose your own size, you can choose between 51 different material colours and add extra’s to the bag like a inside pocket or extra label.

Curious about the cost? Feel free to contact us and request a free quotation.

Fast production (10 working days)
Do you quickly need bags for an exhibition, opening or another event? We have these bags on stock and can print them with your own design or logo.

When you choose this option, you have less choice compared to custom made production. For the fast production we only have these bags available in black, in size 70 x 45 + 2 x 10 cm. (width x height + bottomfold).

The standard delivery time of the fast production takes 10 working days. However when you need the bags quicker you can also choose for our 48 hours delivery service.

Curious about the cost? Feel free to contact us and request a free quotation.